About Me


Hi I’m Holly, and I love helping people improve their lives by getting organized.

I’ve always been a bit of a neat freak, and enjoy making things as simple as possible. But well into my adult life and after years of accumulation, I found myself weighed down and distracted by too much stuff. I craved more freedom and knew it was somehow related to my stuff, but no amount of sorting and systemizing did the trick.

By chance I came across the KonMari Method and it radically improved my life. I could not wait to share this method with others and jumped at the opportunity to train directly under Marie Kondo to become North Carolina’s first Certified KonMari Consultant.

I bring to my work years of personal and professional experience from both the corporate world and raising a family. I’ve lived all over the map, in houses big and small, and have found one thing to be true - everything starts at home, and the the spaces around you set the tone for how you look, feel, and act. I can’t wait to help my clients organize mindfully and rediscover the joy that is already in their home.

I currently live in the beautiful countryside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with my husband Peter, my teenage son and daughter, and my two rescue cats.